About PPAF

The Portland Performing Arts Festival is a summer festival presenting nationally-renowned performances in music, dance and theater at venues all over Portland’s Arts District. Featuring music, dance, theater, and performance art, the Festival transforms Portland’s Arts District into a hotbed of creative activity for four days.

Thumbs Up finale (by Russ Pooler, ©PPAF2012)

Thumbs Up

“We hope to create a sustainable and distinctive festival that brings regional residents and cultural tourists to Portland’s vital downtown,” said Kara Larson, the Festival’s board president. “By combining visiting artists from around the world with performances by Maine artists and collaborative work with Portland’s arts organizations we hope to create a world-class event that is uniquely Maine’s.”

Portland has already proven itself as a cultural mecca, serving residents and visitors alike with thriving presenter and producer organizations encompassing every imaginable art form. Its creative community grows every year, and a significant sector of economic development is connected to the creative economy. The Festival organizers hope to draw both local and regional audiences and use the event to support all the arts in Portland. “If, in a year or two, it becomes an even larger  event, it will have more potential to draw audiences from New York, New England and Canada (and eventually further away),” Larson said.

Festival 2012 audience

Festival 2012 audience

Board of Directors

  • Stephanie Cotsirilos
  • Taja Dockendorf
  • Kara Larson
  • Brian Petrovek
  • Russ Pooler
  • Clara Porter
  • John Schaberg

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